Robert M Bickey

The presentation of my sculpture gives a voyeuristic opportunity for each individual to explore. We are all connected to what we have seen and experienced in our journey to the present. It is these thoughts, feelings, and actions that help us read a work of art. My work exploits the known and conditioned aspects of personal experience placed into a new and unfamiliar framework that functions as an aid to navigate one’s feelings. The work operates with an open dialogue, a conversational give and take, that will lead one to a questioning of the elements and meanings involved. The visual language that I am creating is intended to be read very directly. I aspire to have my work function as a means by which a viewer can understand their freedom—the freedom to break the constraints of convention and reconnect with the beauty of personal beliefs. I capitalize and question “conditioned” responses to materials and social prescriptions as a method to navigate the schism between the dialectical forces at work in modern culture.